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Federation Services (GXFS) Project Overview

The Gaia-X project is a groundbreaking endeavor aiming to create the "new cloud of Europe" – a secure, transparent, and interconnected data ecosystem. Our contribution, the Gaia-X GXFS Workflow Engine, marked a technological milestone in addressing the complex challenges of data interoperability, privacy, and security. It played a pivotal role in demonstrating our dedication to digital transformation and our ability to deliver solutions that embody trust, transparency, and collaboration.


Background & Achievements

LEANEA GmbH proudly announces its successful involvement in the development and implementation of the Gaia-X GXFS Orchestration (Intelligent Workflow) Engine. This project, a collaborative effort with “eco – The Association of Internet Industry” stands as a testament to our expertise in creating advanced intelligent workflow solutions, modern apps and scenarios. The Gaia-X initiative, known as the biggest IT development project of the European Union, represents a significant leap toward a federated data infrastructure across Europe, focusing on establishing a secure, transparent, and interconnected data ecosystem.

Redefining Digital Evolution

LEANEA helps companies successfully navigate the digital transformation and design future-oriented work environments based on trust, collaboration, and data protection. It is based on three layers:
LEANEA Harmony
A central integration hub that seamlessly connects diverse applications and tools, enables real-time data exchange, and facilitates automation to create a unified, collaborative digital workspace.
LEANEA Maestro
An intelligent automation layer that streamlines business processes, integrates with external systems, and leverages AI and machine learning for advanced decision-making and efficiency across the organization.
LEANEA Symphonies
A flexible microservices layer that manages and orchestrates various services, ensuring scalability, real-time data exchange, and automation while supporting a wide range of applications in a versatile architecture.

Empowering the Future Workplace with GAIA-X

LEANEA's vision is to support companies in realizing the workplace of the future by leveraging and expanding the benefits of the GAIA-X Federation Services Engine:

Sustainability and energy efficiency
As a platform that has emerged from the GAIA-X Federation Services Engine, LEANEA values environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies and relies on energy-efficient data centers and infrastructures.
Data sovereignty and portability
LEANEA helps companies retain control over their data and move it seamlessly within the GAIA-X ecosystem to ensure optimal flexibility and vendor independence.
Secure identity and access management
LEANEA offers seamless integration of identity and access management for all participants, ensuring a high level of security and privacy for your digital workplaces.
Comprehensive catalog and easy service discovery
With LEANEA, companies can access an extensive catalog of cloud services, applications, and resources specifically developed for the workplace of the future and easily integrated into the GAIA-X infrastructure.
Policy compliance and data protection
LEANEA ensures compliance with required policies, standards, and regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to create a trustworthy and secure environment for your digital workplaces.
Seamless interoperability and integration
LEANEA promotes the use of open standards and interfaces that enable easy integration and interoperability between different cloud services and applications, increasing collaboration and efficiency in your company.

Paving the Way for Future Workplaces with GAIA-X

Take the next step towards the workplace of the future with LEANEA, the platform based on the powerful GAIA-X Federation Services Engine. Use the advantages of LEANEA to create a secure, flexible, and innovative work environment for your company that meets the needs of your employees and legal requirements.